Sociable Hounds



Services & Pricing

Covering Edinburgh we create a dog walking and exercise programme tailored to your dog’s specific needs.


Dog Walking - £17.00 per walk

  1. Collection: We collect your dog from your chosen location in our fully ventilated van fitted with secure and comfortable crates.

  2. Walk: Your dog can run, play, swim and explore with their friends in one of Edinburgh’s exciting and natural walking destinations.

  3. Bath Time: Dogs can get pretty muddy whilst out walking, so each dog is cleaned and dried before returning home.

  4. Chill Out: Having fun can be thirsty work, so time for a quick scooby snack and drink.

  5. Sweet Dreams: Your dog will be returned home happy, tired and with loads of new friends.

Doggy Day Care - £28.00 per day

Dog day care is great for energetic and sociable dogs, or for those who don’t like being left alone. With at least two long walks, your dog is guaranteed to have a day full of fun and returned happy and tired.

Puppy Socialisation - Enquire

Early and consistent socialisation is crucial to ensure a happy and healthy dog. Sociable Hounds is a great way to introduce your puppy to new experiences, environments and situations.

Please ask for more information about puppy visits and our puppy socialisation programme. Contact here >>

"We couldn’t be happier to have Claire walking our puppy, Ted. He has a great time and we know he is so well looked after. We love seeing photos of him out on his adventures!" - Ted